Typecast as: Cowboy and soldier
Notable examples: Stagecoach, True Grit, They Were Expendable, Red River

John Wayne is one of cinema’s most beloved icons, but you have to admit that the guy played the same role in every movie. If there was ever a need for a heroic, stoic cowboy, Wayne was the guy to go to during Hollywood's Golden Age. His All-American attitude and rugged appearance clicked with an entire nation looking for someone to root for during the '30s and ‘40s.

And when Uncle Sam came calling to make a whole mess of WWII propaganda films, Wayne was the obvious choice for those leads as well. The best part is that he barely changed his acting approach when going from 19th century cowboy to 20th century soldier. He was always the macho leader who would fight against injustice and save anyone in need.

This approach helped him build a ravenous fan base, and any movie starring Wayne during the ‘40s was an absolute goldmine for studios. He was a man’s man, and is still a symbol for Americana everywhere. And that's how you turn typecasting into a legendary career, Pilgrim.