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It won't quite settle in until it officially rolls out on October 26, but in case there was any doubt, Windows 8 is a big, drastic departure from its predecessor. Unless you're a member of the small minority of smartphone owners using the Windows Phone 7 platform, interacting with Windows 8 and its touch-optimized live tiles is going to be an utterly foreign experience. With over 90 percent of computers in the world using Windows (the vast majority either Windows 7 or Windows XP), how will the latest version of the OS fare with the masses?

Taking that question to the streets is Chris Pirillo, a self-described geek and developer of the Windows 8 app Pokki. Pirillo let ordinary people play with an advanced copy of the OS and asked them their thoughts as well as if they could figure out simple tasks like how to power down the computer. The result? Pretty much total bewilderment. Microsoft may have a lot of work ahead if it wants to avoid a disaster on the scale of Windows Vista... or worse.

[via Mashable]