A few days ago, Complex showed you the 25 thirstiest Halloween costumes women would be wearing this year. From the sexy lumberjack costume to the sexy watermelon costume and even the "sexy," nightmare-inducing blow-up doll costume, it was easy to see that those suffering from the thirst—a.k.a. those whose cravings for attention and sex have reached insatiable proportions—would have no shortage of options for Halloween. 

So now, as Halloween weekend concludes and everyone is nursing their hangovers, we go a step further and look around to see how the thirsty fared. Of course, the main place that those suffering from the condition chose to chronicle their plight was Instagram—probably because it's a fact of life that hipster filters make everyone look better. As expected, some weren't the most creative costume concepts, but there's no denying that what they lack in imagination is more than made up for by their undeniable, practically palpable thirst.  

Wipe off that costume makeup, get your head right with a bloody mary, and check out Complex's picks for The Thirstiest Women's Halloween Costumes on Instagram.

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Compiled by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)

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