As kids we associated Halloween with cool pumpkins, fun costumes, and enough candy to make our dentist cry tears of joy. As we got older, we still dug those things while also realizing what truly makes Halloween a contender for best holiday ever: women's costumes.

Halloween gives even the most reserved chick the shameless license to dress as sexy as they want to without being socially condemned for it, and each time the season rolls around our attention spans go bonkers trying to take it all in. TV is even better, as each series' decision to do a Halloween themed episode usually means you'll get to see your favorite hot actress in a crazy hot costume. We certainly hope that's the case when Pretty Little Liars airs its Halloween special Tuesday (8 p.m., ABC Family). The greatest treat we could get this year would be sexy "Hot Complex" alum Shay Mitchell in a barely-there getup. 

To get you into the Halloween spirit, Complex collected a gallery of the best of the best of these visual stimulants. Find the hottest cat-women, Marilyn Monroe's, nurses, and more for your viewing pleasure, in The 25 Hottest Female Halloween Costumes In TV Shows.

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Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)