The last time we heard about Sleeping Dogs' new "Nightmare in Northpoint" DLC, we made a grave error (get it?). It was our (reasonable, to be fair) assumption that the expansion would unleash zombies on Hong Kong, much like the "Undead Nightmare" DLC did for Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption.

But oh, how wrong we were. What's worse than zombies? How about the gates of Hell itself opening wide?

The "Nightmare in North Point" DLC will concern one Big Scar Wu, a ruthless gangster who somehow wound up being fed to the cat food grinder at the Smiley Cat factory, and subsequently to Hong Kong's pet cats. Someone in Hell found this amusing, renamed Wu "Smiley Cat," and sent him back upstairs to wreak havoc.

The new details announced today promise that Wei Shen will get to take advantage of powerful Chinese magic, which could change things up quite a bit, to take out the ghosts of Triads he's already killed once. Oh, also, there will be tons of "Jiang Shi" to kill—and according to Wikipedia, that's a Chinese "hopping" vampire or zombie. So yeah, we were right after all.

"Nightmare in Northpoint" will be available this Halloween. By the way, Sleeping Dogs is currently 50 percent off on Steam. Nice!