Though Indiewire's ominous headline, "End Of The Bromance? Ryan Gosling Off Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Logan's Run'" seems to suggest otherwise, everyone can relax, because Ryan Gosling and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn are not in a bro fight or anything of the sort - but Gosling did have to drop out of starring in Refn's upcoming Logan's Run for unspecified reasons. It probably, as Indiewire later theorizes after giving their readers a good scare in the headline, has something to do with Gosling's first feature, which will take up his time for the good part of a year.

Whatever the case is, though, bottom line is that Gosling will not be appearing in Logan's Run. If you're bummed about not seeing another collaboration between these guys, not to worry - Gosling has already finished production on another film directed and written by Refn, Only God Forgives, which is likely to be released some time next year. 

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[via Indiewire]