An Apple 1 computer hand built in 1976 by Steve Wozniak (with Steve Jobs leering over his shoulder, no doubt), is up for auction with an expected sale price of over $90,000.

Only 200 Apple 1s were ever built and Jobs and Wozniak sold many of their personal valuables to finance the original run. (1977's Apple II, a much more consumer-friendly device that came in a convenient plastic enclosure, was the fledgling company's first big hit).

$90k is the starting bid for the rare machine, which is still in working condition. The original manuals and documentation are included, some of which have been autographed by Steve Wozniak. The auctioneer expects that it could fetch as much as $250k. Earlier this year, another Apple 1 sold for $347,500 in New York.

[via Business Insider]