The Halloween skins pack for Minecraft will drop tomorrow with 55 new characters, all for a mere $2. These include zombies, Draculas and other spooky types, and for the first time in Minecraft, for whatever reason, some of the skins will include capes. Score!

But the best part is that all of the money from sales of the pack will go directly to four charities chosen by Mojang, 4J Studios and Microsoft: Block by Block, Child's Play, Sands Lothians, and We Are Macmillan. They're all worthy causes, so if you're on the fence about buying Minecraft skins, just think of it as a charitable donation with a little bonus on the side.

Minecraft, by the way, just hit number one on Xbox Live Arcade for the first time. So hopefully they'll turn a pretty profit from this promotion. Have you bought any skins in Minecraft yet? Does the promise of helping charities make you want to?

[via Joystiq]