Police in Forest Hill, TX are still trying to figure out why a man rammed his car into Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in the Fort Worth suburb and beat Rev. Danny Kirk, Sr. to death with an electric guitar yesterday. Police believe the man drove his car into the church intentionally, then attacked the pastor in the parking lot before chasing him into the church. A church secretary hid and dialed 911.

Authorities arrived to find the unidentified man assaulting Kirk, and a maintenance worker who tried to help was also injured. Police deployed a Taser on the suspect and threw him in the back of a patrol car, but he was later found responsive and pronounced dead at a local hospital. Kirk reportedly fought back, but it's unclear if that had a role in the suspect's death. 

Kirk, who was described as a "dedicated minister with a bubbly personality," started the church in a strip mall back in 1995 before constructing the red-brick church.

[via The Huffington Post]