A 21-year-old Kentucky woman has been accused of shooting her boyfriend in the face and head multiple times during an argument. The woman, who described her boyfriend as "vain," said she was giving him “the nose job that he wanted.” Eastern Kentucky University student Shayna Hubers has been charged with killing 29-year-old Ryan Poston, and explained that she killed him because she couldn't stand to see him deformed after shooting him in the face.

Hubers shot Poston, a lawyer who had just begun his own practice, after an argument earlier this month. She reportedly shot him several times in the face and head before finishing him off with four more shots to stop him from twitching. Hubers has provided several stories that don't match, at times saying that the murder weapon was in Poston's hands, then saying that it was in a cabinet.

Hubers' lawyer is claiming that she acted in self defense, and her bond has been revoked out of fear for her safety.

[via NY Daily News]