Not only are cell phones getting faster, lighter, and thinner, they're also becoming less toxic. A new study released today by the Ecology Center, an Ann Harbor, MI-based environmental research center, revealed that the majority of mobile phones produced today contain less toxic substances than models from previous years. 

The Ecology Center tapped to help with the dismantling and researching of 36 cell phones including the new iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, neither of those phones were in the top three. 

The king of hill turned out to be the affordable Motorola Citrus smartphone. The iPhone 4S came in second, and the LG Remarq landed in third. Apple's newest handset, the iPhone 5, came in fifth, while Samsung's latest top-of-the-line phone just cracked the top 10 at number nine. 

Don't get too happy, though. Remember, cell phone these days contain less toxic substances. They're not devoid of them. 

"Every phone sampled in this study contained at least one of following hazardous chemicals: lead, bromine, chlorine, mercury and cadmium," said the Ecology Center in a statement. 

Remember that the next time you decide to toss your old phone. 

[Healthy Stuff via AFP]