Gene Hackman got into a bit of an altercation in New Mexico yesterday, when a homeless man reportedly approached him and his wife and began verbally assaulting the two.

According to TMZ,  it's not clear why the homeless man, later identified to be Bruce Becker approached Hackman and his wife, Betsy Arakawa, in the first place, but that Becker was threatening, and allegedly called Arakawa a "c**t." This is when things escalated, and Hackman slapped Becker.

According to Sgt. Andrea Dobyns speaking to local news, shortly thereafter Becker called the police to report the incident. "Our officers got a call from a homeless male who said he’s just been beat up by Gene Hackman...Mr. Hackman did slap the homeless male across the face. This homeless male actually assaulted him and his wife, put him in fear for his life and his wife’s life."

After interviewing both Hackman and Arakawa, police determined that Hackman acted in self-defense, and so far no charges have been filed. According to the New York Daily News, Becker has a history of run-ins with the law, and has spent two years behind bars in a Santa Fe prison for aggravated assault and battery.

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[via TMZ]