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In 1997, former Buffalo Bills safety Rod Kush's had a 14,000 square-foot mansion built in Gretna, NE, and it was called "finest mansion in all of Sarpy County." Kush sold the mansion a decade later following financial issues, and the mansion was eventually sold in 2010 for only $612,000. The house had been vandalized and had been ravaged by mold and vacancy, so Sarpy County Assessor Dan Pittman decided the home was worthless.

The current owner has found another use for it. He decided that he wants the current structure gone, but instead of the typical demolition, he turned it over to the fire department, which will conduct a controlled room-by-room burn for firefighter practice. There's been no date set for the burning, but the department will most likely wait for the rain and snow so the fire won't spread.

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