Appears in: Gremlins (1984), Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
Scariest moment: Inside a toy store, while showering atop a small water fountain, Stripe fires handgun rounds at Gizmo as baby Mogwai convulse in bubbles on his back.
Weakness: Sunlight. Strictly spray tans, dig?

Set during the Christmas season, Joe Dante's family-approved horror-comedy Gremlins is perfect viewing near a yuletide tree with glasses of non-alcoholic eggnog. Gizmo, the cute Mogwai with a heart of gold, allows for the kiddies to enjoy Gremlins. For the most part.

Once Stripe, the evil product of feeding some Mogwai after midnight, makes his grand entrance, Dante's holiday classic adopts an insidious undertone. A minuscule but destructive nihilist, Stripe lives for no other reason than to terrorize, specifically our boy Gizmo (and generally all child viewers).

When it comes to gift-giving, save the Gizmo toys for the Teddy Ruxpin crowd—Stripe collectibles are strictly for My Pet Monster owners.

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