There is little doubt that the vampire genre has taken a serious hit over the years after the Twilight franchise all but neutered this once-fierce mythology, but a TV show based on Scott Snyder’s brilliant American Vampire saga would go a long way towards rebuilding the reputation of these creatures of the night.

The book is about a man in the old west named Skinner Sweet, who is the first of a new breed of vampires—super strong and fast, and without a vulnerability to sunlight. It also shifts its focus often to Pearl Jones, who is turned into a vampire by Sweet and hunts down the classic European vampires that once tried to kill her.

American Vampire is the perfect choice for a serialized television drama, as it provides enough twists and turns to keep viewers engaged, and also wouldn’t be dependent on special effects either. Mood and acting would be king here, as well as a network that would be willing to grow a pair and stick true to the roots of Snyder’s creation. If done right, this could be the heir apparent to The Walking Dead’s brand of televised horror.