Far Cry 3 doesn't necessarily emphasize stealth over other methods, but it does give you the tools to choose stealth if you want. Scattered around the game's deadly tropical island are enemy outposts, which can be easily identified by their large plumes of black smoke. Capturing an outpost gives you another base at which to rest, save and buy weapons, and requires taking out all the enemies there.

From a distance, you can use your binoculars to mark targets, which makes them easy to track. Using the game's new RPG-like skill tree, you can purchase abilities that let you take out enemies silently from behind, below and above; approach through the water and pull pirates off a dock, for example. With the press of a button, you can even throw a stone to distract them while you sneak up on them. Of course, when you screw up and the shit hits the fan, it's still fun to just blast guys in the face. There's a solid shooter here as well.