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Shame on those celebrities and the people that enable them, right? A new lawsuit claims that chef Philippe Chow allowed celebs to smoke weed in the basement of his Philippe Restaurant. According to four current and former employees, Chow forced them to serve a few baked employees. Smokers were not specified, but Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj were listed as rappers who received special treatment.

Managers allegedly threatened to cut employees hours, essentially making it impossible for them to work there. Eater posted the specifics of the suit:

Defendants regularly reserved private seating in the basement of the restaurant for wealthy customers and celebrities such as rappers Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj...Patrons dining in the basement would frequently receive permission from smoke marijuana in the restaurant. Plaintiffs regularly served these customers, which exposed them to smoke from a harmful and illegal substance.

One employee says he was fired for complaining about not being able to breathe around the smoke, and other employees claim they were harassed for joining the suit. Restaurant management dismissed the suit as a "form of extortion."

[via Gothamist]