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Director: Leos Carax
Stars: Denis Levant, Edith Scob, Kylie Minogue, Eva Mendes
Release date: October 17

To fully enjoy French filmmaker Leos Carax's Holy Motors, one must be ready to embrace the absurd. For the reclusive writer-director's first feature since 1999's Pola X, Carax has assembled a gorgeously shot, funny, and disorienting fever dream, about a strange guy (the marvelous, chameleon-like Denis Lavant) who travels around Paris in a limousine and makes a series of pit stops, during which he plays a variety of characters. In one sequence, he's a ghoulish deviant who abducts a nearly catatonic fashion model (Eva Mendes); in another, he wears a motion-capture suit to become a horny CGI dragon; and later, he's an older, dying man reconnecting with his young daughter while stricken in bed.

Indeed, Holy Motors is as crazy as it sounds, but Carax never lets the film veer into outright silliness or forced oddness. It's essentially an anthology movie, one with the same actor inhabiting a multitude of different roles that all play upon the act of telling stories through the transformative medium of cinema. Most importantly, though, Holy Motors is an imaginative, unpredictable, and purebred original.