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A mysterious streaker interrupted a Florida high school football game last week, except it didn't end with the typical Taser dog-pile. Instead, this elusive miscreant jumped two fences and hopped into his getaway car, all while wearing a Spider-Man mask, because, obviously Spider-Man isn't going to reveal his true identity.

Fortunately a local news station is on the case. They've posted a picture of the streaker and are asking viewers, "Do you know these cheeks?" (Whoever provides that identification will make Sherlock Holmes look like a mall cop.)

For what it's worth, the man deserves respect for deftly hopping a pair of fences while completely nude. You have to be pretty damn confident in your athletic ability to pull off that maneuver. Also, kudos to that getaway driver for pulling up just in time, and not leaving his friend hanging (both literally and figuratively). 

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