Not only did these kids break the first rule of Fight Club, they really fucked up by filming their battles. Horrified St. Louis, MO, school officials are working to eliminate a teen fight club that has filmed multiple fights and uploaded them to YouTube and Facebook under the title "Lindbergh Fights."

Because people love to watch train wrecks, the videos were popular. By Monday, the YouTube videos had hundreds of views, and the "Lindbergh Fights" Facebook page had 124 friends. School officials received an anonymous tip about the viral campaign, and the videos and Facebook page were taken down within hours.

School principal Dr. Ronald Holms says the school has identified some of the young men involved in the fights, but because all of them appear to have been held off campus, it may be difficult for the school to punish them. Two students said that the fights are usually over "girls or respect," and typically draw a crowd of about 40.

What would Tyler Durden do? None of this.

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[via NY Daily News]