Celebrities, be careful what you tweet.

Rihanna nearly caused a riot Saturday (Sept. 1), after tweeting a picture at London's St Pancras station with her location and arrival time in Paris, at Gare du Nord train station, clearly displayed. Some of her 25 million Twitter followers saw the status update and decided to show up to greet her upon arrival.

This was not exactly an ideal situation for Rihanna or the train station.

"I just had to fight my way out of a damn train station!!!" she wrote on her Twitter account. "FYI, if you push me, you will get pushed back! Papz and crazies included!!!!"

"It was absolute chaos, and all Rihanna's fault," said a security chief at the Gare du Nord. "What Rihanna did was utterly irresponsible. There was genuine fear among the people at the station."

[via Hello Magazine]