Last night, President Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech to the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. He gave a passionate, at points poignant, speech, returning to ideas of hope from his original campaign, emphasizing his focus on access to education, and defending the progress he made while in office in the last four years. He also drew the contrasts between his and Republican contender Mitt Romney's platforms, contending that the two had vastly different plans for the nation's future.

At 52,757 tweets per minute, Obama's speech set a new political record on Twitter. Sadly, an unsettling portion of that conversation overlooked policy, politics and common sense, and descended into crude stereotypes, ignorance, and blatant racism. Bigotry reared its ugly head, and the inability to articulate anger resulted in Republican sentiment being used as a crutch for hatred. It was a moment of triumph turned a moment of head-shaking.

Warning: The tweets you're about to read are ignorant, offensive, and (due to the fact that they're on a public forum) completely lack common sense. Here are: The Most Racist Twitter Reactions to President Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention Speech

Compiled by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)