Despite announcing that it will launch Cable and X-Force later this year, Marvel has confirmed that Uncanny X-Force will be rebooted as well. Replacing Rick Remender as the series’ writer will be Sam Humphries, who will be joined by artist Ron Garney on the book. Psylocke will still be one of the focal points of the team, but she will now be joined by Storm, Puck, and Spiral.

In an interview with Marvel, Humphries said about the book, “Thanks to a strong tradition of formidable creators, Uncanny X-Force is a book with a unique identity—dark, dirty, morally sticky, edgy, bloody, sexy. I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel right at home.”

Humphries also explains that this team will run into Cable’s X-Force team eventually, and we’re not quite sure how they’ll get along. “To put it simply, Uncanny X-Force are the hunters, and Cable and the X-Force are the hunted,” he said. “Will the two books intersect? Well, one book has Cable as a leader, and one has Bishop has a bad guy. There's a volatile history there that could be powerful enough to draw in both teams.”

Uncanny X-Force will relaunch this January.

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[via Marvel]