Nintendo has introduced the Wii U to the world no less than twice—once at E3 2011, and again at E3 2012 with an upgraded controller—but both instances left us with plenty of questions. How much will the Wii U cost? When is the Wii U coming out? Should we even care?

Now Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has promised to answer those questions (besides the last one) in a Nintendo Direct live stream tomorrow.

The Verge translates the company's Japanese tweet announcing the event: "Good evening, this is Iwata of Nintendo. Tomorrow, Wednesday September 13th, we will broadcast an online presentation about the Wii U's launch from 4pm onwards. We will announce details such as the console's price and release date."

Nintendo of America is also holding a press conference in the morning.

Any predictions? How much do you think the Wii U will cost? Will it really come out by the holidays?