For the tuned-in comic book fan, Grant Morrison’s long-rumored miniseries, Multiversity, has been one of the most mysterious projects in the works at DC Entertainment. It’s been talked about for years by both Morrison and various editors, but we were never quite sure if it would become like The Man Who Killed Don Quixote of the comic book industry. But finally, after years of hinting and rumor, The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Morrison finally confirmed the project at MorrisonCon, the convention held in his honor.

The project will be an eight-issue series made up of six one-shot issues, followed by a two-part story. Each installment will be 38-pages-long with an eight-page backup story attached as well. Each issue will also be illustrated by a different artist, but the only one confirmed so far is Frank Quitely, who will be on the fourth issue, titled Pax Americana.

The plot of the series is still a secret, but we do know that Multiversity will deal with the alternate realities of the DC Universe. “There’s something always appealing about a Russian Superman and a vampire Batman," Morrison told the site. “It’s a different way of looking at the archetypes that we’re familiar with. And I wanted to a really massive story that would be my Lord of the Rings and it would be the best thing I’ve ever done. Whether it is, I don’t know. But I’ve certainly spent a long time on it."

All we really know so far is that the Pax Americana issue will feature characters like Blue Beetle, Question, and Captain Atom, and how they failed to stop the assassination of the president. Morrison elaborated on that issue by saying, “We’re taking the characters and applying it back to Watchmen and seeing what we could get. Nobody has really used those Alan Moore tricks in 25 years so it seemed right to take that very tight, controlled, self-reflecting storytelling and seeing if we can do something new with it."

Multiversity will begin hitting stands towards the end of 2013. Take a look at one page from Pax Americana below, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. 

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