Complex: Is it challenging to get the "scaracters" to replicate the movements of some of Silent Hill's enemies, like the nurses?

Braillard: That's a really great question, because it's got a couple of different answers. The first answer is: yes. When you use a property like this, you always want to make sure that you get it picture-perfect, so you want to adhere to all the strange movements that a Grey Child may possible have, or how Pyramid Head moves, or the nurses, and things like that. Fortunately, because of the tradition at Halloween Horror Nights—we've been doing this for 21, we're going into our 21st year—we have fans that have grown up playing Silent HIll, and are just as ravenous about the game franchise as we are. So when you cast somebody, and they get told that they're going to be a nurse, they get so excited because they know and they want to make sure it's as accurate as you want to make sure it's accurate.

Which, it's really fun to have people who are as die hard and fanatical about it. But yes, there is training for them. We'll spend time during rehearsal in every single room, teaching our characters how to walk and how to move. For this year it's especially challenging with all the different characters that we're going to be bringing from the Silent Hill franchise, but it's going to be so worth it, because you're absolutely correct. We want to have that attention to detail, and those characters wouldn't be those characters without the movement styles the way they are.