This year, for the first time ever, Universal has incorporated a video game-themed house in the annual Halloween Horror Nights Celebration. And they couldn't have chosen a better game to base it on: Silent Hill.

A trip through any Silent Hill game is fraught with nightmarish sights and sounds, and physical manifestations like the nurses, Pyramid Head, and "Otherworld"—the bloody, hellish dimension heralded by those haunting sirens—make the perfect fodder for one of Universal's famously well-produced haunted houses.

We were "lucky" enough to visit Universal Studios Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights' opening celebration last week and chat with Universal's show director Patrick Braillard and Konami's Silent Hill producer, Tom Hulett, about bringing the foggy, restless town of Silent Hill to life.

The maze itself is incredible—inspired by both the movie and the games, there are countless nods to the source material inside—but what struck us the most was how excited Hulett and Braillard really were for Konami and Universal to be collaborating like this. And it's clear that Braillard is as big a fan of Silent Hill as anyone, including Hulett.

So check out our gallery from the inside of the Silent Hill house—we risked life and limb shooting these photos—and read through our chat with Braillard and Hulett for the full scoop on the collaboration.

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