When Connor reached Boston in our demo, he met with such prominent revolutionaries as Paul Revere and William Molineux, two real historical figures who were instrumental in sparking the American Revolution (and one of whom could brew a mean beer, apparently).

A series of missions that involved interfering in a tea-smuggling ring to prevent the sale of Connor's tribe's land eventually culminated in taking part in the actual Boston Tea Party.

The thing is, we don't remember hearing about that part in the tea party where the Native American Assassin fought off waves of attacking redcoats while the patriots fumbled around belowdecks.

While we're sure that Ubisoft has done its best to stay as true to actual historical events as possible, just know that they come with a liberal helping of creative license. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. We just weren't sure until we played it to what degree these real-life events would be altered to include the fantasy of Assassin's Creed.