Namco Bandai has announced today that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes with a free World Tekken Membership for all players, barring those who buy it used and don't feel like ponying up for an online pass.

World Tekken Federation is an online portal that presents extremely detailed statistics in real time. After every ranked match, the site is updated with everything from how many hits you landed to how many of your opponent's grabs you threw. And every player's profile card will be available for studying to every other World Tekken Federation member—even the pros'.

It's also got tools for building teams and coordinating socially with other players.

Namco Bandai's Carlson Choi told us recently at a preview event in LA that the developers asked themselves, "What can we do to really change the world of fighting games?"

World Tekken Federation is what they came up with. Now that you know it's free, do you think you'll be using it? Or do you want your strategies to be known to only you? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.