In a somewhat surprising development, The Playlist is reporting that The Dark Knight Rises beat director Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake at the domestic box office this weekend. Rises came in at about $36.4 million this weekend, while Total Recall took in only $24.5 million. But with a modest budget of $125 million, there is still a good chance that Recall will turn a profit once worldwide grosses are counted. However, this could be a sign that the public is growing weary of unnecessary remakes.

This total also marks the third weekend that Christopher Nolan's Batman flick has occupied the top spot. The movie is now at $354 million domestic, with another $250 million overseas so far. It might not be doing as well as The Dark Knight or The Avengers, but The Dark Knight Rises has proven that Batman is still one of the more marketable characters in film. But remember, with the Bourne Legacy coming out this Friday, we think his days at the top might be numbered. 

[via The Playlist]