Starring Clark Gable

Released: Three months after death

Clark Gable died at 59, a common age to suffer a debilitating heart attack, but his death still sparked gossip. One rumor: The physical demands of The Misfits, which sees Gable as an aging cowboy, played a part in his deteriorating health. His wife later said that it wasn't a matter of physicality, but instead pure on-set tension.

Either way, the experience resulted in what is widely considered Gable's finest performance, an opinion shared by the man himself. Unlike others on this list, it is reported that Clark was able to screen much of his final work through rough cuts.

The film pairs him alongside Marilyn Monroe as a lovelorn divorcee who engages in a May-December dalliance with Gable's cowboy. It was a box office bomb, yet due in large part to Gable's performance currently sits with a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.