Ubisoft's downloadable survival horror/platforming title I Am Alive has been console-exclusive—until now. The game previously released on XBLA and PSN, but now it's coming to Steam Sept. 13 for $20 to give PC players access to its unique blend of genres and atmosphere.

I Am Alive follows one man's rather familiar struggle to find his wife and daughter in a post-apocalypse setting.

The game's reportedly been "enhanced" for PC, according to a press release sent out by Ubisoft today, with higher resolutions and sharper graphics. There're also two new modes: easy and replay, a sort of level select option.

And if you pre-order it, you get Ubisoft's Bloody Good Time—an oddball 2010 shooter—for free. Good deal? Is I Am Alive worth visiting/revisiting on a new platform? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.