Back in early May, we reported that Hakob Manoukian, a former driver for Jennifer Lopez, was suing the actress/musician.

Manoukian claimed that he was forced to drive for her manager Benny Medina, who verbally and emotionally abused him, which eventually forced him to resign. This, after he was convinced to shut down his company and join Lopez and her then-husband Marc Anthony's team as their Head of Security and Transportation.

But everything may not have been squeaky clean with that lawsuit, and Lopez wasn't having it, period. She's suing the driver right back.

Her countersuit claims that last October, Manoukian's then-attorney "made written and oral demands that unless Manoukian was paid $2.8M, he would disclose sensitive and personal information that he had allegedly heard while driving Ms. Lopez."

Basically, he was trying to blackmail her. Which was illegal because Manoukian is said to have signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibited him from making public— least of all, negative— statements about his former employer.

Lopez's suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last Friday (August 3rd), alleges extortion, breach of oral contract and breach of written contract, among other things, and is asking for damages "in no event less than $20,000,000."

The chances of Manoukian having $20 million to pay Lopez are slim to zero, so at this point all he can really do is fall back.

[via The Wrap]