It may have been a bad weekend for films at the box office, but that didn't stop Dinesh D'Souza's new anti-Obama documentary, 2016: Obama's America from breaking records it's first wide release weekend. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the film grossed about $6.2 million after being expanded from 169 theaters to 1091 this weekend, making it the highest grossing conservative documentary of all time, beating out 2008's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. As its release directly coincides with the Republican National Convention being held in Florida next weekend, numbers are expected to rise.

As for other films, Expendables 2 took the box office for a second week in a row, grossing a weak $13.5 million - the lowest total for a top film since New Year's Eve last December with $13 million. Newcoming films didn't do any better, however, with Premium Rush opening at seventh place with $6.3 million, and Dax Shepard's Hit and Run opening at tenth with $4.7 million. The Apparation did even worse, opening at 12th place with only $3 million - but this performance was reportedly expected, as the film received hardly any promotion and didn't open in that many theaters.

What did you see this weekend?

[via Entertainment Weekly]