When it comes to mobile phones, the term "burner" carries with it a pretty negative connotation. Burners usually refer to pre-paid cell phones that are replaced weekly. You can guess which field of work would require a person to dump their cell phone every week and cop a new one. Despite the shady association, Ad Hoc Labs has taken the term and slapped on its newest app. 

The Burner app allows you to create temporary phone numbers that you could later dispose of. Each number created acts as a seperate line on your iPhone that can be used for both voice calls and text messaging. When you make a call or send a text using one of the numbers, the fake number will show up on the recipients caller ID. When one of the lines recieves a call, you can answer it or send it to voicemail. 

When you're done with one of the numbers you created, you can hit the "Burn" button and permenately erase it. 

While we can think of a number of applications for this app, the Ad Hoc Labs team says Burner is perfect for "dating, job searches, short-term projects, craigslist transactions, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media, and for whenever else you want to be in touch and want to keep it on a private line, or don’t want to give out your real number." 

Burner is available now from the Apple App Store for $1.99

[via AppleInsider]