CD Projekt took to the interwebz today to answer some fan questions regarding their upcoming Cyberpunk RPG, and though we still feel mostly in the dark about the title, they shed a little light on its inspirations and features.

The Witcher studio's Marcin Momot cited such works as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, ShellShock, and Deus Ex as inspirations for the Cyberpunk RPG, as well as, obviously, William Gibson's original Neuromancy.

In addition, Momot revealed that "character customization will be strongly tied with the plot," and the game's systems will draw heavily from the original pen-and-paper game.

That said, they "want to give players way more freedom with customization of the main protagonist" than in The Witcher and The Witcher 2, which focus on a single, pre-made protagonist.

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