Moving content you come across on the Net to your Kindle account has been made possible by a few apps and browser extensions, but Amazon is looking to rule them all with its own Chrome extension. The "Send to Kindle" extension does just as its name implies: 

  • Send news articles, blog posts and other web content to Kindle.
  • Send web content to Kindle in one step or preview before you send.
  • Select text from the web page and send it to Kindle.
  • Read anytime, everywhere on your Kindle devices and reading apps.
  • Choose to archive content in your Kindle library, where you can re-download it conveniently at any time.

Once installed, a small "K" icon will appear on your browser that when pressed gives you the option to "Send to Kindle," "Preview & Send," and "Send Selected Text." Once text is selected you can send it to your Kindle account and access it via your Kindle devices or Kindle App running on any of the approved platforms. All your Firefox and Safari users will have to wait a bit longer; Amazon says extensions are on the way for Mozilla's and Apple's browsers. 

[Amazon via Gizmodo]