Thanks to the First Amendment, Americans are allowed to voice their opinions, no matter how ridiculous they may be, and consume whatever content they find interesting. The same can’t be said for other countries. Some nations place such tight restrictions on what people can do on the Internet that even looking at a certain type of website can have you doing doing a bid. It's gotten to the point now, where American companies operating in foreign countries are working around the clock to stick to their beliefs while playing by that nation's rules.

Google, for example, last month announced a new feature that would alert Chinese users when they're about to search for something that may get blocked by the government. This was just the latest move in a drawn out clash between the search giant and China. After tense battle over censorship, Google decided to move its servers to Hong Kong in 2010. But China's not the only country with strict web laws. Keep reading to see which other nations attempt to keep the Net under lock and key.