Urbanears, the popular purveyor of affordable, stylish headphones, today released its most expensive and high-end model to date: the Zinken ($140, urbanears.com). The new over-the-ear model is slightly bigger than the Plattan and features a number of DJ-friendly features like "TurnCable," a coiled cord that features a 3.5mm stereo plug on one end for MP3 players and a 6.3mm plug on the other for mixers. Like other DJ headphones, the Zinkens have swivel ear cups so you can position them however you want. However, unlike most DJ headphones, there's also a built-in microphone and remote control According to Urbanears, the sound performance was designed to make the Zinkens work well in a club environment and on your train ride home. 

We'll soon get our hands on a pair and let you know what we think. Until then, peep the promotional video below and head to Urbanears for more info.