This Oklahoma City serial robber needs to find a different profession, because burglary doesn't appear to be his strong suit. Not only did he fail to escape with any money, but he ended up on the wrong end of a bona fide ass-kicking that happened to get recorded on a 911 call.

When Horatio Coates attempted to rob a Dollar General store using men's underwear to cover his face (who does that?), he probably didn't expect the manager to come back at him with an aluminum bat. While someone in the store called 911, one of the store managers struck Coates with the bat at least five times. After police arrived on scene, Coates was arrested and taken to a hospital.    

For your listening pleasure, here is the 911 call that recorded the burglar beatdown—the "ping" sound is the aluminum bat bouncing off Coates' head.

[via Oklahoma News on 6]