Though it was previously reported that DreamWorks' version of a WikiLeaks film was currently at a standstill waiting on the verdict in the many court cases involving founder Julian Assange, they're apparently moving forward with casting - according to Deadline, The Avengers star Jeremy Renner is eyeing the main role of Assange in the film, and The Twilight Saga's Bill Condon has been in talks to direct. Nothing is official yet, of course, but the talks are apparently pretty serious. 

Assange is currently in an Ecuadorean Embassy in London avoiding appearing in Sweden to begin a trial for allegedly committing sex crimes in the country, and it's not clear whether or not the U.S. plans to pursue prosecution for his work with WikiLeaks. It's not likely that the film will move into production until these cases have somewhat played out, and Deadline is even reporting that the film may move towards independent financing.

Do you think Renner would be a good fit to portray Assange?

[via Deadline]