Remember that massive classic game collection we reported on last week? The one that was on Ebay for just under one million pounds?

Yeah, somebody just bought it.

The collection, which features 22 complete game libraries, including every Nintendo console from Famicom (NES) through Gamecube, every Sega console, and every NEC console, was purchased from Ebay for its "buy it now" asking price, $1,230,699.99 USD... Plus shipping, of course.

The French seller, who goes by Andre, has been collecting game simply for sport, which explains why such a large percentage of the collection is either factory-sealed or, at the very least, comes with the original game box and manual.

This particular set of games was 15 years in the making, but Andre says has "thousands" of games he's kept for own personal collection.

Much less is known about the buyer, obviously. Assuming the payment comes through, the collection will be going to a Canadian address. If it doesn't, Andre says he'll put the listing back up on Ebay and other auction sites, but may try and sell the set in smaller pieces.

[Via LA Times]