Fei Lin is missing a prized possession after an encounter with robbers. The 41-year-old Lin, who lives in the village of Niqiao right by Wenling City, in China, says he was asleep when intruders exploded into his bedroom, put a bag over his head, pulled down his pants, and departed with a very particular valuable. It took a moment before Lin realized he was, uh, missing something.

He says he "didn't feel a thing," but looked down to discover the bloody mess between his legs where his penis used to be. The masked bandits had removed it and made off like, well, thieves in the night.

Authorities believe that the culprits are jealous lovers of many women that Lin had liaisons with. Lin, however, denied any trysts with local women. Meanwhile, police and emergency workers searched far and wide for Lin's penis, but nothing popped up. The thieves were nowhere to be found, but police vow to keep searching.

That's a cold, grisly crime of pure spite.

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[via The Huffington Post]