Gearbox Software announced today that development on Borderlands 2 is now officially complete. The sequel has been sent off for certification, and it's now out of their hands. But don't think they get to rest.

No, this isn't like the good old days, when a game would go gold and the developers would throw a six-month jacuzzi party until they had to start their next game. Nowadays they immediately start working on the DLC.

There's a Mechromancer class scheduled to be released two or three months after the game comes out, which'll be free to those who join the Borderlands Premiere Club by pre-ordering Borderlands 2. And then there are probably a bunch of awesome expansions like the first game had.

Does it give you a tingle of excitement to know that all 58 hours of Borderlands 2 are complete? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Gamespot]