Music-making platformer Sound Shapes will have levels based on three original tracks from Beck, developer Queasy Games announced today.  Levels for the three songs - called "Cities," "Touch the People," and "Spiral Staircase" - will be grouped together in a single world or "album", as they're referred to in the game, entitled "Cities".

Beck isn't the first high-profile musician making music for Sound Shapes. Deadmau5, I Am Robot and Proud, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery musician Jim Guthrie are all contributing original tunes for the game.

Designing the levels for Beck's tracks is Steve Wilson, designer from studio Pyramid Attack, which created the opening cutscene for Guitar Hero 2. After completing "Cities", players will be able to use both the music and the assets from the levels to create their own Sound Shapes albums.

Sound Shapes will hit PSN for PS3 and Vita on August 7th. It's worth noting that if you buy the version for one platform, you get it free for the other.

[Via Polygon]