Kotaku's got a nice piece up about Far Cry 3 that highlights some of the main differences between that game and its predecessor, the divisive Far Cry 2.

Part of the reason Far Cry 2 is so polarizing lies in its unique mechanics. Your gun will rust after not-too-long, forcing you to find a new one. You'll be constantly forced to purchase, manage and ingest malaria pills, or succumb to debilitating illness. And even your best buds in the game can die if you fail to revive them when they go down in a fight.

But all of these features will be missing from Far Cry 3, making it either a less annoying or a less unique experience. Maybe both. What do you think?

Are you going to miss those elements in Far Cry 3, or will you be glad to be able to concentrate on story and gunplay rather than irksome minutiae? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

Oh, PS: those gorram checkpoints with the infinitely respawning enemies at every crossroads from Far Cry 2 are gone as well, but we refuse to acknowledge the possibility that anyone actually liked that BS, so we almost didn't mention it.