If you're tired of seeing robots on the big screen that are only focused on maiming and slaughtering humans, then Robot and Frank might be the movie for you. In the film, Frank Langella plays a retired cat burglar who receives a robotic butler from his son in order to help him live by himself. After some initial awkwardness, he lets the little mechanical guy into his heart and quickly recruits him to get back into his life of crime. 

This plot of mechanical larceny is also backed up by a romance budding between Frank and Jennifer, who is played by Susan Sarandon. The bromance between Frank and his robot, and his geriatric love affair with a librarian, manages to bring a certain whimsy along with it that is rare today. It's strange to see a movie with a robot that doesn't include millions of dollars worth of CGI and a romance that doesn't feature Tinsel Town's latest heartthrobs, but that's exactly what makes this trailer so charming. It's easy to see why this movie created such a buzz at Sundance this year.

Robot and Frank will begin a limited release on August 24.