Air Date: September 26, 2010
Best Cutaway: James Woods, Peter's longtime nemesis, replaces the elderly neighborhood pedophile Herbert's Cialis with methamphetamines. The neighborhood kids don't stand a chance.

The Family Guy team went all high-concept with viewers in the Clue-like “And Then There Were Fewer,” which marked the return of Peter’s longtime arch-nemesis, and TV’s most random celebrity character, James Woods (voiced by the actor himself).

Woods, always scheming to make the Griffin family’s existence a living hell, invites the fam and basically everyone else in Quahog over to his spooky mansion for a suit-and-tie shindig; but, in the spirit of Agatha Christie, the guests begin dying one by one, turning the episode into a whodunit murder mystery. It’s a plot device that’s been done to death in television (hell, even Saved by the Bell tried it once), yet Family Guy uses the find-the-killer’s-identity gambit to generate some nifty comedy.

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