There are times when too much of a good thing translates into something awful. But when the originating thing is bad in the first place, well, then it's just a whole lot of awful. When it comes to reality television, this philosophy can't be more true; stopping while you're ahead is the key to the lasting success of any show. Which is why it always comes as a surprise when a hit show's producers decide to create spin-offs based around one popular character, or perhaps two or three, in a bid to make more money. Often times, they're awful and end up getting cancelled after just one season, two if we're all unlucky, and the original shows begin to stumble. It's a vicious circle.

The latest series to receive this treatment is MTV's Jersey Shore, for a second time, actually, following up The Pauly D Project. This time, it's stars Snooki and JWoww who are trade Seaside Heights summers for a new location and climate, Jersey City winters, in their new show, aptly tited Snooki & JWoww (which premiered last night on MTV). The series is sure to get a lot of attention due to the fact that it was filmed during the time when Snooki announced both her pregnancy and her engagement to boyfriend Jionni. But whether or not it'll actually be any good is another question. Jersey Shore itself has been stale lately. 

How bad can things get? Just check out The 10 Worst Reality TV Show Spin-Offs. Here's hoping that the Jersey Shore ladies' new project won't be remotely like any of these. 

Written By Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)

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