Dawnguard, the first downloadable expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be available for Xbox 360 on June 26th, Bethesda announced yesterday on Twitter. The expansion adds a new vampire-centric storyline, crossbows, and new enemies.

It's got more content than your average DLC pack, which explains why Dawngaurd will cost you a hefty 1600 Microsoft Points ($20)... Unless you were one of the lucky ones selected for the game's very short beta, which essentially gave a few fans early access to the game ten days ago.

Unfortunately for the multi-lingual players among us, only the English-language version of the game will be available right away. The French, Spanish, German, and Italian versions have been delayed until mid-July...

And if you played Skyrim on PC or PS3? Well, Bethesda hasn't announced when the expansion would be heading to other platforms. According to Bethesda's deal with Microsoft, both Dawnguard and the second, unannounced Skyrim expansion must remain an Xbox 360 exclusive for at least 30 days, so expect Dawnguard to come to PSN, Steam and other distribution platforms in late July or early August.

[Via Polygon]